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GMO has got to go

By Cecilia Petricone In 2013, Connecticut became the first state to pass a law requiring that GMOs be labeled in food products. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have undergone a process that alters their genes or DNA. Sometimes it is done to mutate superficial aspects like shape or color, while other times it is done to alter growing habits or reactions to pesticides. You may be wondering, if the law w ...

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Does Connecticut give a frack?

By: Cecilia Petricone In June 2014, Governor Malloy signed Public Act No. 14-200, an act prohibiting the storage or disposal of fracking waste in the state of Connecticut. Hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) is the process of drilling into the earth and injecting a high-pressure mixture of water, sand and chemicals into shale, causing the rock to release oil and natural gas. Fracking to extract oil from the ...

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Electric bill passing a step in the right direction

By Selena West A bill banning variable-rate electric contracts in Connecticut passed the General Assembly on May 27. In a bipartisan effort, legislators agreed the variable-rate contracts used by some electric companies take advantage of consumers, especially senior citizens. These companies use variable-rate contracts to attract customers with low introductory rates then quickly inflate rates above the sta ...

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