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Vote yes on water and sewer issue

10-25-13 Vote yes on water and sewer issue The town financial crisis continues. A large part of the crisis is the $3.2 million owed to the town by the Water and Sewer Commission. Members of the commission trusted the former finance director who used the Water and Sewer account to cover his tricky accounting of the town books.   It is alleged that Henry Centrella was able to use Water and Sewer to cover ...

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Differences between the local parties

10-11-13 Differences between the local parties   It’s a wild election season. The Republican ticket is headed by a former selectman who voted with the Republicans to underfund education but now says she supports education. This same former selectman also voted with the Republicans on a measure that helped undermine the town’s fund balance. Both actions made the town more vulnerable and less financially ...

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