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Proposed health clinic would hurt town

Lives have been saved and health care made accessible by the efforts of the Winsted Health Center Foundation.  Since 1997, after Winsted Memorial Hospital closed, the Foundation initiated hospital-level services at the Center, including emergency room and LifeStar resources with its partner Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and physical therapy with its partner Saint Francis Hosp ...

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Charter update necessary

The ugly and prolonged financial scandal in Winsted is finally behind us. The convicted finance director stole millions of dollars from taxpayers, which included his family, friends and neighbors. He put his selfish and wanton needs above his duty and put this community in financial chaos for decades. Competent management and leadership has quickly led to relative stability and progress in town. The revolvi ...

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Ousting Peacock was bad move

10-24-14 Ousting Peacock was bad move   Here we go again. The Republicans are not acting in the best interests of the town. At the selectmen meeting on Monday, Oct. 20, Republican Mike Peacock was renominated to a term on the Planning and Zoning Commission. Peacock was appointed in 2009 and became chairman in 2012. He initiated GPS mapping of the town and the creation of a grid system showing land uses ...

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Revolving door of town managers spins again

8-15-14 Revolving door of town managers spins again Marsha Sterling, the non-elected selectman, bullied the broker in the Lambert Kay deal.  Without authority, or board approval, Marsha tried to get more money from the buyer and used the Lambert Kay clean-up grant as a hammer by threatening the buyer that the grant would not be part of the deal unless they increased the purchase price.  Wow! This is an issu ...

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Plenty of responsibility to go around

4-18-14 Plenty of responsibility to go around Stephen Kosinski asserts in his April 11 letter that selectmen are doing what they were elected to do. He states that “line item cuts are made in all Connecticut municipalities.” Perhaps. But it is important to understand who is supposed to do this. Under the town manager form of government, the professional manager crafts the budget because it is the manager wh ...

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Vote yes on water and sewer issue

10-25-13 Vote yes on water and sewer issue The town financial crisis continues. A large part of the crisis is the $3.2 million owed to the town by the Water and Sewer Commission. Members of the commission trusted the former finance director who used the Water and Sewer account to cover his tricky accounting of the town books.   It is alleged that Henry Centrella was able to use Water and Sewer to cover ...

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Differences between the local parties

10-11-13 Differences between the local parties   It’s a wild election season. The Republican ticket is headed by a former selectman who voted with the Republicans to underfund education but now says she supports education. This same former selectman also voted with the Republicans on a measure that helped undermine the town’s fund balance. Both actions made the town more vulnerable and less financially ...

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Residents should oppose ER move

2/1/13 Residents should oppose ER move   Barkhamsted residents are being asked to subsidize the Borghesi/ Charlotte Hungerford Hospital project so that the  developer can make a profit.   A former Barkhamsted selectman recently wrote that he objected to the tax abatement proposal. He generally supports tax abatements, which are traditionally used to draw businesses to towns.  He objects to this pa ...

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Why we all must vote in Winsted

9-7-12 Why we all must vote in Winsted Aside from the many parts of any discussion on a budget, which should go on throughout the year, not just at budget time, the annual budget indicates support for the collective well-being of the town. Voters elected a new team in November 2011, by a significant majority. Where are those voters now? Among other functions of the town government, we have important and nec ...

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