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Revolving door of town managers spins again


Revolving door of town managers spins again

Marsha Sterling, the non-elected selectman, bullied the broker in the Lambert Kay deal.  Without authority, or board approval, Marsha tried to get more money from the buyer and used the Lambert Kay clean-up grant as a hammer by threatening the buyer that the grant would not be part of the deal unless they increased the purchase price.  Wow!

This is an issue for two reasons: One, the grant was specifically applied for and awarded for the clean-up of Lambert Kay.  Two, in June, the Board of Selectmen agreed to sell the building for $15,000 and scheduled the special town meeting with a resolution setting forth the terms of the deal, including the purchase price.  The deal was set and up to the voters to decide upon.

Marsha lied to both the purchaser and the public and took away the public’s right to decide.  She should resign and publicly apologize for overstepping her authority and her mishandling of the Lambert Kay deal.

Instead, Marsha is trying to cover her tracks by perpetuating the false story that the broker is the buyer and brazenly firing the town manager.

Why is she doing this now?

The Charter requires five votes to fire the manager.  If Marsha or Glenn Albanesius do not get elected in September, then the Republicans lose the ability to fire the manager.  So she calculated that she must fire the manager while she has the five votes.

The Charter only requires four votes to hire a manager.  If Marsha OR Glenn get elected in September, then the Republicans will still have the four majority necessary to hire a new manager.

A clever way to get around the Charter.  It’s also a slap in the face to those citizens who are sick and tired of the revolving door of town managers that have made this town chaotic and enabled the likes of Henry Centrella to operate his schemes.

Is this what Winsted needs?

Charlene LaVoie



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