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Why we all must vote in Winsted


Why we all must vote in Winsted

Aside from the many parts of any discussion on a budget, which should go on throughout the year, not just at budget time, the annual budget indicates support for the collective well-being of the town.

Voters elected a new team in November 2011, by a significant majority. Where are those voters now?

Among other functions of the town government, we have important and necessary work to do through the Department of Public Works — roads require repair, and repair requires materials.

It remains unclear whether the closing of a school building is a money saver or not. But there is no rational way to solve this matter during this immediate budget process.

The proponents of closing the school have offered no convincing argument that closing a school will save the town money.

The only real report on this issue, from an independent consultant for the Board of Education, determined that all three public school were beyond repair and should be demolished and a new school be built. The community is clearly not ready to take on that financial challenge.

We are being held hostage by a gang that has no evidence that what they suggest will save money or is the best solution. Their actions are, at best, a red herring and, at worst, a cynical political distraction. Either way, it is not good for the community.

Charlene LaVoie

The writer is the community lawyer in Winsted.

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