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The Community Lawyer was invited by the editor and publisher of the weekly Winsted Journal to submit a regular opinion/editorial column. The table of contents displays the wide range of topics covered by the Community Lawyer since starting the column in 2008.

Supplemental tax unanswered questions

Supplemental tax unanswered questions Wed, 11/27/2013 - 9:22am By Charlene LaVoie The Winsted Journal Civic Beat At the Nov. 18 Board of Selectmen meeting, on the job for just 13 days, the new Republican supermajority used the most significant power they have and imposed a 3-mill supplemental tax, bypassing the town meeting. The supplemental tax is troublesome for two reasons: the amount of the tax was not ...

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Majority rules? Winsted’s 2013 election results by the numbers

November 15, 2011 By Charlene LaVoie The 2013 local election results are final and the numbers are revealing. The turnout was 36 percent, or 2,512 voters, out of 6,853 — 5 percent higher than 2011. Fifteen people took advantage of the new law allowing registration on voting day. The five Republican selectmen candidates were elected with 39 percent of the votes. For comparison, in 2011 the five Democrats rec ...

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The Three Minute Egg: GMO Updates

UPDATE: http://registercitizen.com/articles/2013/06/27/news/doc51cb7a805b7f7922912809.txt For general information: http://gmofreect.org/ http://gmoupdates.wordpress.com/ To write to Governor Malloy: http://www.governor.ct.gov/malloy/cwp... Suggested language: "Dear Governor Malloy, Thank you very much for your support of the GMO labeling bill, Public Act No. 13-183. I am looking forward to hearing the news ...

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GMO Labeling in Connecticut

    June 10, 2013 By Charlene LaVoie   On June 1, following attempts by both chambers to pass their own versions of legislation regarding the labeling of genetically modified foods (GMO), the Senate voted unanimously to approve a compromise bill supported by House leadership and Governor Malloy. Advocates have pushed throughout the session to see Connecticut enact first-in-the-nation legislat ...

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GMO Film Screening in Winsted

  Please attend our free screening of Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives. This important film concerns genetically modified organism and how they affect our health. The screening will take place at the Winsted Town Hall in the Blue Room on Thursday, June 13th at 7pm. It is presented by the Office of the Community Lawyer. For more information call: (860) 738-1262 or visit our website at: http://c ...

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What’s a GMO? Just label it

May 10, 2013 By Charlene LaVoie Finally — growing mainstream criticism of Monsanto’s so-called science of genetically engineered food. For the past 20 years, independent researchers, farmers and consumers have criticized Monsanto science. Now the New York Times is joining the chorus. Mark Bittman, food columnist for the Times, dismantles the genetically modified organism (GMO) science in his April 2 column, ...

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Recognizing Law Day

April 3, 2013 By Charlene LaVoie In 1958, the American Bar Association proposed that May 1 be designated as Law Day as the peaceful answer to the traditional May Day military displays in Communist countries, particularly the former Soviet Union. President Eisenhower agreed and thus, the Law Day tradition was born. In 1961, a Congressional resolution pronounced Law Day as a way for Americans to celebrate “a ...

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